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Geography of Croatia

Croatia is situated in Southern Europe. The country shares borders with Slovenia and Hungary to the north, Serbia to the east, Bosnia and Herzegovina on the south and east, and Montenegro to the south. Croatia shares a long maritime border with Italy to the west, in the Adriatic Sea.

The territory of Croatia is geographically diverse; including flat plains on the north along the Hungarian border, densely wooded low mountains and highlands extending to the eastern Alps, and rocky Adriatic coastline and islands to the west.

Adriatic Sea
The Adriatic coast of Croatia has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. The long east coast, with a coastline of 5835 kilometres belongs to the Croatian state, including more than 1700 islands, islets and cliffs. The area is a centre of entertainment, active recreation, water sports including cruising with boats, or diving. The Adriatic is not seriously affected by the low and high tides, the difference of the sea level is usually about forty centimetres in the southern part, while it can reach one meter in the northern part. The shallowest part of the Adriatic is in Istria (50 metres), it goes deeper in the direction of Italy, where the biggest depth is 130 metres. The salinity of the Adriatic is somewhat lower in the northern part, due to the influence of the river Po . The temperature of the Adriatic is strongly affected by the seasons, the sea surface temperature is as low as 7°C in the winter, in the spring it warms to a tolerable 18°C, and rises to a very warm 22 to 25°C, or even 27°C in the shallowest parts.

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